Karapincha Garlic
Lean n Fit
Osu Pan
Inguru Kottamalli
Wal Kottamalli
Nelli - Rasakinda
Ten Mix
Cinno Green
Gotukola Kolakenda
Karapincha Kolakenda
Mugunuwenna Kolakenda
Welpenela Kolakenda
Gotukola also Known as an Indian Pennywort and Centella Assitica, Has been used for centuries as medicinal herb.....
Lean n Fit
Key ingredient of the Lean n Fit tea is Goraka (Gambooge). HCA is the Principal active compound in the rind and flesh of Gambooge fruit...
The story of Jeevi Tea

Long before tea was introduced in to Sri lanka by the English,People  used to drink Herbal infusions (Tisane) that made out of herbs such as Bael(Beli),Indian Sarasaparrilla(Iramusu) Polpala and Ranawara. They used these tea daily  as a thirst quencher, refreshment and also as a home remedy. Our villagers still use these herbal tea in place of Black Tea and urbanites love to enjoy herbal tea with Kithul  jaggery  while traveling to remote areas.

The secret behind the physical strength, Creativity, good health and the longer life of our ancestors is un-contaminated Natural food and beverages and the stress free life influenced by the religion and the society.

The concept of “Jeevi Tea” is to reveal these health secrets to today’s world and to enhance lives. Though it is processed using most modern machinery and present in easy to use tea bags it brings you the same goodness as home brewed.

Jeevi tea fits today’s busy life styles and can be enjoyed at any time any where.

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