Karapincha Garlic
Lean n Fit
Osu Pan
Inguru Kottamalli
Wal Kottamalli
Nelli - Rasakinda
Ten Mix
Cinno Green
Gotukola Kolakenda
Karapincha Kolakenda
Mugunuwenna Kolakenda
Welpenela Kolakenda
Gotukola also Known as an Indian Pennywort and Centella Assitica, Has been used for centuries as medicinal herb.....
Lean n Fit
Key ingredient of the Lean n Fit tea is Goraka (Gambooge). HCA is the Principal active compound in the rind and flesh of Gambooge fruit...
  Healthy living
Good health is necessary for a good life. But unfortunately, the times that we live in barely give us the opportunity to open up towards that kind of living. Not to worry though, Jeevitea brings you products that will allow you to live a healthy life while getting on with your hectic life. Our herbal tea is made using the best quality herbs, utilizing nothing but international production standards, ensuring that the product that ends up in your hands is nothing if real quality. Jeevitea herbal tea tastes great. Mixing flavours of both herbs and tea, it guarantees a taste that you will relish.
So make a cup, sit back, relax and enjoy the taste of good health.
  Ayurveda & Jeevi Tea
Ayurveda is an ancient science that teaches a way towards great health and long life. Its not only a curative medical system, but a system of sustained living that ensures a persons wellbeing. Simply put ayurveda is a science that put forwards 'Prevention is better than cure' principles. This makes ayurveda unique, as it teaches us how to live well without getting sick, rather than getting medicine for diseases that crop up.
Gotukola Kolakenda (Herbal Porridge) Karapincha Kolakenda (Herbal Porridge) Mugunuwenna Kolakenda (Herbal Porridge)
Welpenela Kolakenda (Herbal Porridge) Cinno Green Gotukola Tea Bag
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